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When Retirement Feels Like Independence Day

June 28, 2022
After decades devoted to work, you’re ready to retire and celebrate your own personal Independence Day. Your plans might include spending more time with the family, visiting America’s National Parks, or ramping up your volunteer work. You might even be thinking about starting a business. Whatever your plans for retirement, it’ll be your choice. Getting […]
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Preparing Young Adults for Independence

June 25, 2022
If you read history, you know American independence was not easily won. There was no guarantee the fledgling colonies would win, but they fought long and hard and as a result, every July 4th we celebrate our nation’s independence. If you’ve got a young adult in your life, you know they’re often fighting in their […]
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What Young Fathers Need to Know About Estate Planning & Protecting Growing Families

June 17, 2022
In June we celebrate Father’s Day, honoring dads who devote themselves to raising children and building families. New fathers actively engaged in their children’s lives understand their responsibility to plan for the future. While the idea of parents dying and leaving young children without loving parents is unimaginable, it does happen. Minor children need the […]
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Caring For Your Aging Dad As You Approach Retirement

June 15, 2022
Dad’s aging, now what?  It’s hard for men to see their fathers age, although the alternative is worse. Dad doesn’t want your help with anything. He can still take care of his finances, drive his own car, and make repairs to the house. But sooner or later, whether he wants to admit it, he will need your […]
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How Grandfathers & Senior Dads Leave A Legacy of Caring for Their Families

June 8, 2022
Here are some important steps you can take to secure your legacy for your family. Congratulations, Dad!  You’ve raised your children, who now have children of their own.  Despite all the obstacles of recent years, the family is thriving.  You feel good about how you’ve led your life and are hopeful about the years ahead.  […]
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What Is the Purpose of a Pet Trust?

May 31, 2022
Many well-off pet owners have left millions of dollars to their cats, dogs and even chickens—perhaps most notoriously Leona Helmsley, who left US$12 million when she died in 2007 to her white Maltese dog Trouble.
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Should You Update Your Estate Plan?

May 20, 2022
Frequent triggers also include changes in the health of executors and guardians; changes in laws, which may impact tax and legal strategies; and changes in state residence, which can also impact planning.
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What Needs to Be Reviewed in Estate Plan?

May 6, 2022
Here are some important parts of your estate plan that should be reviewed.
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How Do I Avoid Probate?

April 26, 2022
There are good reasons why people want their estates to avoid probate, and a lot of ways to do it.
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What Shouldn’t Be Put in a Will?

April 25, 2022
While the number of older Americans with wills has been dropping in recent years, that doesn’t mean you should forego this legal document.
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