Serving Those Who Serve: Estate Planning for Veterans & Active Military

Estate planning is not just a prudent financial decision; it is a critical step that holds profound importance for veterans and active military members. These brave individuals face unique challenges and risks in their service to our country, making planning for the future even more essential. By taking control of their financial affairs and ensuring the well-being of their loved ones, estate planning becomes a powerful tool in their arsenal. It can safeguard their legacies, protect their families, and provide peace of mind in the face of uncertainty. The military provides legal services for those who served or continue to serve; however, it is important to note that those resources come with limitations.


Legal Assistance

This can be a significant advantage for veterans and active military members who may have limited financial resources. These legal services can help with basic estate planning documents such as wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives, ensuring that essential documents are in place.

Understanding Military Benefits

Military legal services personnel possess knowledge and experience regarding military benefits and regulations. They can help navigate the complexities of military pensions, survivor benefits, and other entitlements, ensuring that estate plans are structured in a way that maximizes benefits and protects the interests of veterans and their families.

Familiarity with Military Life

Military legal services personnel understand the unique challenges faced by veterans and active military members. They are familiar with the intricacies of deployments, combat-related risks, and the impact of military service on estate planning. This understanding allows them to provide tailored advice and recommendations that address the specific needs and circumstances of military personnel.

Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Estate planning goes beyond money, and includes intellectual, spiritual and human wealth.



Limited Scope

Military legal services often have limited resources and personnel, which can result in constraints on the range of services they provide. Complex estate planning issues, such as trusts, advanced tax planning, and business succession, may fall outside the scope of military legal assistance. Consequently, veterans and active military members may need to seek additional legal counsel to address these more intricate aspects of estate planning.

Competency and Expertise

While military legal services personnel are knowledgeable about military-specific legal matters, they may not have the same level of specialization or expertise as private estate planning attorneys.  Estate planning involves intricate laws, tax considerations, and individualized strategies.  Veterans and military members with complex estates or specific needs may benefit from seeking advice from estate planning professionals who specialize in serving military clients.

Time Constraints

Military legal services personnel often have demanding schedules and limited availability. This can lead to delays in obtaining assistance, especially during periods of high operational tempo or deployments. Time sensitivity is critical in estate planning; delays can hinder the timely execution of necessary documents or the adjustment of plans in response to changing circumstances.

State-Specific Considerations

Military members often relocate frequently due to deployments or changes in duty stations. Estate planning requirements and regulations vary from state to state and military legal services may not have expertise in the laws of each jurisdiction. It is important to ensure that estate plans comply with the laws of the state in which veterans or active military members reside, which may necessitate seeking additional legal counsel.

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While the legal services provided by the military offer significant advantages in estate planning for veterans and active military members, it is essential to recognize the limitations of these services. Complex estate planning needs, specialized expertise, time constraints, and state-specific considerations may necessitate seeking additional legal counsel outside of military resources. By understanding both the advantages and limitations, veterans and military members can make informed decisions and ensure that their estate plans are comprehensive, tailored to their needs, and provide the desired protection for themselves and their loved ones.

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