Charitable Giving

Donating to your favorite charitable organizations is a fantastic way to show your support for a deserving group or cause. And most gifts can provide an income tax deduction. Some estate plan strategies also increase income or save capital gains taxes. LEARN MORE

Gift Tax

One strategy used to minimize estate taxes or leave a legacy is to give part of your wealth to family members through gifting. The IRS has established a gift tax limit for the amount that you can gift annually and the amount you can gift over the course of your life. Will annual gifts be beneficial for you? LEARN MORE

Estate Tax

The estate tax is federal tax imposed on the transfer of your estate upon your death and applies when the value of your estate exceeds the exclusion limit set by the federal government, and in some cases the state in which you reside. We provide counsel to help you understand which option is the most fiscally viable and beneficial, given your situation and goals. LEARN MORE

Power of Knowledge

Power of Knowledge

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