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These days it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by many things such as politics, gas prices, the gyrating stock market, summer travel, heatwaves and your health. One thing that shouldn’t overwhelm you is estate planning.

There’s always plenty of time to get your affairs in order, until you get run over by a cement truck.

If you’re married, you may be wondering what happens to your assets once you or your spouse passes. The answer to that question depends on various factors, including whether or not you have a marital trust.

A spendthrift trust allows you to leave funds to a beneficiary without giving them full control over those funds.

Upstream basis planning is a trust strategy that can save wealthy people on their capital gains taxes and income taxes associated with highly appreciated assets.

Trusts could be an incredibly powerful tool to help business owners protect their business and reach their wealth goals.

All couples can now take advantage of tax benefits for married partners, pass assets from one spouse to another with ease and qualify for Social Security spousal and survivor benefits. However, not all couples want to get married.

Special needs trusts can help fund quality-of-life improvements for the beneficiary, such as a phone, a trip or a private room in a group care facility.

Preparing an estate plan for managing and distributing your assets in the case of death is one of the most important steps you could take to protect and provide for loved ones.