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Rod is a webinar presenter, frequent podcast guest, and often a host, on local San Diego news talk radio programs. He covers estate planning, trusts, succession and exit planning in an easy and entertaining style. Listen in to the radio shows Rod has either been the host or a guest for “news you can use” about the importance of having your estate in order for peace of mind.

Last week I guest-starred in Barbara Norman’s Sage Money Conversations podcast, where I shared my personal journey in probate & how it ultimately inspired me to pursue a career in Estate Planning. We also go over the Basic Essential Estate Planning documents & the purpose of each one.

Click this link to listen to the podcast.

Meet REALTOR Julie “Jewels” Mills-Brennan

Rod filled in for Andrea Kaye while she was on a well-deserved vacation. His guest Julie “Jewels” Mills-Brennan has been selling real estate for more than 23 years. The conversation got lively as they covered Julie’s extensive background and the do’s and don’ts of working with a real estate agent in the selling or buying of a home.

Click here to listen to the show on Sound Cloud.

Listen in as Rod and Andrea Cover Current Events and Trending News

Enjoy hearing the banter and fresh style of conversation between Rod and Andrea. They always get you to smile during their lively discussions.

Click here to listen to the show on Sound Cloud.

A Lively Discussion on Asset Protection and Bankruptcies

Andrea and Rod always get you to smile during their lively discussions. The discussion went from asset protection to lawsuits and bankruptcies in his “News You Can Use” segment.

Click here to listen to the show on Sound Cloud.

Estate Planning & New Tax Laws

Rod’s “News You Can Use” segment dealt with updating your estate plan. Since under the new tax law, existing plans might result in a surviving spouse being unintentionally short-changed by the deceased spouse in favor of the children. The  conversation reinforced that after any major life event, such as the birth of a child, a divorce, the death of a loved one, tax law changes, all are excellent opportunities to review your existing planning to make sure it still works for you.  If so, that’s great; if not, then it’s time to update.

Click here to listen to the show on Sound Cloud – with Rod’s segment starting at the 46:00 minute mark.

Government Shut Down Over & Breakthrough Play

Rod filled in for Andrea Kaye while she was in the Big Apple! Improv actor, Gary Ware joined CPA Al Arias and Rod for some on-air hi-jinks on “National Play at Work” day.

Click here to listen to the show on Sound Cloud.

Tax Reform Bill Discussion

Can the GOP FINALLY get tax reform done? There’s a controversial bill on table and it’s NOT exactly what everyone expected or hoped. In fact, the removal of some deductions could mean a tax INCREASE on middle class! Will the death tax finally be repealed? What does it mean for small business? Rod filled in for Andrea on November 7, 2017. He and CPA Al Arias shared their expertise and opinions!

Click here to listen to the show on Sound Cloud.

Learn Important Information About Taxes and Estate Planning

Rod joins Andrea and Al Arias for a lively discussion in the wake of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent income tax comments. They covered ideas on corporate / personal taxes with estate planning implications.

Click here to listen to the show on Sound Cloud.

States Can Charge Taxes on Online Purchases

Rod and Andrea will discuss the recent SCOTUS ruling — about how States can charge taxes for online purchases even if the business selling the goods or services isn’t located in the State.

Click here to listen to the show on Sound Cloud.

Rod and Andrea Discuss the Ramifications of Suicide

With the recent passing of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, Rod explained how if you have life insurance, and commit suicide, the insurance company will pay out if, and only if, it’s been more than two years (i.e., the elimination period) since you purchased the policy. In any event, a good estate plan will avoid compounding the pain the survivors, who are dealing with loss, would otherwise have to endure.

Click here to listen to the show on Sound Cloud.

Rod Hosted the Andrea Kay Show with Guest Scott Huesong – Author of Echo in Ramadi

Rod filled in for Andrea Kaye for the Memorial Day show. He interviewed Scott Huesing, retired USMC Infantry Major with
over 24 years of service—a hero of the highest order. They talked about his  deployment to Iraq and his experiences leading Echo Company in Ramadi, the deadliest city in Iraq, which led to his book Echo in Ramadi.

Click here to listen to the show on Sound Cloud.

Rod was Guest Host for The Independence Day Andrea Kaye Show!

What were two of the biggest issues our Founders faced – issues they wanted freedom from? Taxation without representation and the seizure of property. Rod provided an entire hour of “News You Can Use” on how to protect your assets from government hands. How business owners can protect personal assets. Why an 18-year-old college student needs estate planning, and other often overlooked aspects of estate planning. His free legal advice can save you some big money.

Click here to listen to Rod’s July 4, 2017 KCBQ AM1170 radio show.

See Rod on YouTube

Rod is a sought after guest on local San Diego news TV and Facebook LIVE programs. He is passionate about sharing information on estate planning.

Real Talk Carlsbad is hosted by Bryan Devore (DRE #01397835). It features community leaders and businesses who share insights on topics that impact your life – from legal, financial, lifestyle, real estate and more. During Rod’s appearance, he covered a number of myths surrounding the need for estate planning. One of the biggest is couples who think if they are married and have a will leaving everything to the spouse that they don’t need any other legal protection. Or, they think an estate plan is only for the wealthy or all about who gets pieces of valuable jewelry or a favorite tennis racquet. Watch the video of the program to gain valuable estate planning information.

As seen in interview on Cox Channel 4 San Diego – The American Dream TV Show with Host Craig Sewing

Rod joined Jordan Beal, president of Beal Real Estate, to discuss the local San Diego real estate market and the importance of estate planning in regards to your real estate with host Craig Sewing.

Here is an excerpt from the segment:

Craig Sewing:  It seems to me Rod, that a lot of people just don’t get their estate plan in place. I think people might think an estate plan means you have to have real estate — surely — you know, it’s not.
Rod Hatley: You make an excellent point. And the frustration is people just don’t do the planning and they should, obviously. And I’m reminded of the Woody Allen observation that I’m not afraid of death. I just don’t want to be there when it happens. So the idea is we need to get out ahead of this when talking to clients. I mean we’re talking about disability death and dying. So not really great conversations to have, but important conversations to have.

In July 2020, Rod Presented “Build a Firewall Around Your Assets: How to Own Real Estate for Maximum Protection” for the CCIM San Diego Chapter.

The CCIM provides education and networking programs for real estate owners/professionals, brokers, and lenders. Rod covered the need for assets protection, pitfalls of individual ownership, domestic asset protection, and integration with one’s estate plan. Doug Taber of CCIM shared, “Rod you did an excellent job of presenting a wealth of information in a short amount of time. Well done!

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