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On Behalf of: Hatley Law Group, APC | POSTED ON: August 31, 2022

New holidays have been popping up left and right in recent years, from Best Friend Day to National Bagel Day. Some would say not everything is worth celebrating and find it rather silly to commemorate every little thing, especially something as "insignificant" as a bagel. In contrast, others choose to honor & embrace these holidays regardless of how silly they may seem. National Make-A-Will Month is something worth embracing as well. Interestingly, people do not take the same initiative when establishing a will, but why is that?

The University of Washington article entitled "August is national make-a-will month" says, "Despite the importance of having a will, nearly two-thirds of American adults don't take the time to create one, citing busy schedules, lack of wealth or assets to distribute, or dislike of the idea of thinking about one's mortality."  The thought of dying is undoubtedly heartbreaking, but the thought of your family suffering from the lack of a valid will is far worse.

Establishing a will is worth making time for, regardless of how busy your schedule is. The alternative would put not only your family at risk but your assets as well. Most are under the impression that creating a will or estate planning, in general, is only for the wealthy, and that is simply not the case.  A house, a car, or even jewelry are all common assets the average family has and are worth including in your will. Not doing so subjects your assets to the possibility of going through probate. Having a will can protect you, your assets, and your family before and after death. It can also ensure your last wishes are met and help avoid the risk of an unwanted party being elected by the courts to look after your underage or special needs children.

Make-A-Will month is drawing to a close, but it's not too late to establish your will. If you already have one in place, then consider updating it. Wills need maintenance every few years, especially if a significant life event has occurred, like a new addition to the family or buying a house. Our firm is still offering free initial consultations. Book a call with Rod Hatley & establish or update your will today! Happy National Make-A-Will Month!!

Reference: University of Washington, UW Combined Fund Drive (August 4, 2022) “August is make-a-will month”

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