Estate Plans for Blue-Collar Professionals

From construction to manufacturing and transportation, numerous blue-collar professionals earn their livelihood working in high-risk jobs. Many of these professionals trust that workers’ compensation will provide for their families in the event of an emergency on the job. But what if it doesn’t?

For blue-collar workers, comprehensive estate planning can offer an extended layer of security for the future. Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy or elite. At its core, estate plans are all about ensuring that a person’s assets—big or small—are distributed according to their wishes after they pass away.

Estate planning benefits all types of professionals, but for blue-collar heroes who have built their lives around hard work and risking their lives, having a well-crafted estate plan adds extra peace of mind.

For Your Family

The truth is a simple “Will” just will not work in case of an emergency. While it might designate a guardian for your children and decide where your assets go, it’s not enough if, say, you are incapacitated from a serious fall or equipment malfunction. Without the proper designated estate planning documents, a medical emergency could cause major financial problems and leave your family and medical professionals in the dark about your care.

24/7 Protection


24/7 Protection

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In addition to a will, a comprehensive estate plan for blue-collar professionals needs:

  1. Advance Health Care Directive;
  2. HIPAA Authorization;
  3. Trusts (e.g., revocable, irrevocable, life insurance trusts, and more);
  4. Power of Attorney;
  5. Beneficiary Designations;
  6. Guardianship Designations;
  7. Property Ownership Documents;
  8. Letter of Intent: A letter to your Trustee/Executor or a beneficiary, offering directions or explaining decisions;
  9. Funeral or Memorial Instructions; and
  10. List of Relevant Documents & Assets.

For blue-collar professionals, the long-term vision of asset protection and distribution can sometimes take a back seat. However, an estate plan is an essential tool that safeguards your future, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Keep Working

By nature, high-risk professions come with a greater chance of unfortunate incidents. While no one likes thinking about these things, it’s always important to be prepared.

Blue-collar professionals are the backbone of many industries and they deserve the same security and foresight when it comes to their assets. Far from being a luxury, an estate plan, including estate planning for blended families, can provide a roadmap for the future, ensuring that everything they have worked for is protected, distributed, and celebrated exactly as they intend.

Power of Knowledge


Power of Knowledge

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