Get Your Loved One Flowers AND an Estate Plan for Valentine’s Day this Year

With Christmas and New Year’s behind us, there’s one final winter holiday to prepare for: Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, then this probably won’t mean much. However, if you’re partnered, then it may be time to start thinking about what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day.

For married couples with years of gift giving under their belts, coming up with the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can be a challenge. While flowers, especially roses and chocolates, are typical choices, they can be predictable. Instead of resorting to a last-minute gift that might end up in a closet or a landfill, consider gifting something that adds value and security to your future. This Valentine’s Day give the gift of peace of mind through estate planning.

Planning Ahead

Whether you know exactly what to buy for your partner or are still figuring it out, we recommend starting sooner rather than later. Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts won’t work, especially if you want to give something truly meaningful. So instead of flowers and chocolate, how about flowers and a gift that can benefit you both for the rest of your lives?

How do you begin crafting an estate plan? Start by evaluating your life insurance and retirement accounts to assess your financial security. Then create a list of real estate, vehicles, and any other personal property, including digital assets!

Power of Knowledge


Power of Knowledge

You have questions — we have answers. Check out our FAQs section for some of the most common ones.


Next step is choosing a Trust. A Trust creates an avenue to pass your assets with ease after your death and according to your wishes.

Add a power of attorney (POA) to protect your legal and personal affairs in case you become incapacitated, along with a health care directive to specify your wishes for medical care.

Once you have presented your gift to your loved one, it’s best to discuss it as it is a difficult topic for most. Make sure that they understand your desires and listen carefully to theirs.

The Gift that Gives Forever

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and partnership and there’s no better way to express your love than by planning for the future. Discussions about estate planning not only provide clarity about you and your partner’s end of life plans but also can make you stronger as a couple. So, this Valentine’s Day give the gift that keeps on giving with a comprehensive estate plan. Show them you’re committed to the future and the protection of your legacy.

24/7 Protection


24/7 Protection

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