California Estate Legacy Planning

The Four Keys To California Estate Planning

Almost any adult who has a full-time job, owns a home and is married will benefit from a will. If you have children, you definitely need a will to formally document whom you would like to have custody of your children should the unthinkable happen.

Other tools allow you to clearly indicate what you want to happen if you become incapacitated, how you want your assets to be divided and who you want to take control of your finances in the event you cannot. Attorney Rod Hatley takes a holistic approach to estate planning. He can guide you through the process and talk about which tools provide the best solutions to you and your family given your situation and goals. Whether you need to create an estate plan or update your existing plan, Hatley Law Group APC has the knowledge and experience to confidently guide you toward your goals.

The Most Useful Tools In Planning

There are many, many tools available to you when planning your future. The four most common documents are wills, trusts, powers of attorney and health care directives. Here is a brief overview of what these documents do:

  • A will is a document that tells your family who is to inherit what. Your last will and testament can also contain a power of attorney (POA). You can designate who you want to raise your children and how in a will. If you do not have this information in a will, then the state will decide who raises your children.
  • A POA is a designated person whom you want to be allowed to take care of your finances – pay bills, move money around and even open an account – if you are unable. There are different ways to create a POA so that the power extended meets your specific needs.
  • Your specific instructions for the types of medical care you want to receive or do not wish to receive are called your living will or health care directive. This can be as detailed as you desire.
  • You may also include a health care proxy in your will. This is a person whom you designate to make health care decisions for you if you become incapacitated, per the directions in your health care directive.
  • A trust is a way to protect larger assets from creditors and lawsuits, and there are many types of trusts. They can work to prevent your estate from having to go through the California probate process, which can be lengthy and costly.

The Deeper Meaning Of Wealth And Planning

Planning for the future and imparting a piece of who you are as a human into that legacy planning is the most meaningful way to help those you love after you are no longer here. That is the mission of Hatley Law Group APC and the reason it was founded. Rod Hatley can help you make the most of this opportunity to tell your story for family and future generations. Based in San Diego, Rod travels all over California to help clients attain their estate planning goals.

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