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What’s the Difference between Probate Assets and Non-Probate Assets?

February 7, 2022
Non-probate assets are those assets which do not go into an estate when the owner dies.
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How to Check the Validity of a Will

February 3, 2022
Without a valid will, a person’s estate passes to their surviving heirs under intestate succession (i.e., ‘succession without a will’).
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What’s the First Step in Estate Planning?

February 2, 2022
For young professionals finding their way in the world and just beginning the journey of building wealth, death can seem like a far-off abstraction. However, the cold reality is that no one ever knows what’s around the corner — health problems and freak accidents can happen at virtually any time.
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Should I Place My Home in a Trust?

February 1, 2022
Part of being a responsible homeowner is having a proper estate plan in place. After all, considering the home is generally the largest asset most people own, it's prudent to ensure this asset is passed to the people you wish to leave it to.
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How Should I Plan to Sell My Business?

January 28, 2022
According to the Exit Planning Institute of Ohio, recent studies show that over 60% of the current U.S. business market is owned by baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964), who are ready to exit or transition their business over the next 10 years.
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How Should I Handle an Inheritance?

January 27, 2022
Although you may be excited about the prospect of receiving unexpected money, there are certain financial moves experts say you should make to make sure you're prepared for that inheritance.
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Why Should I Name a Beneficiary?

January 26, 2022
Lewis established an irrevocable trust, in which he named ‘his son’s spouse’ as a beneficiary. At the time Clark, the son, was married to Vivian.
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What Estate Planning Documents Should Everyone Have?

January 25, 2022
This is a great time to get organized with estate planning—it will make things a lot easier for yourself and your loved ones.
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What Happens If a Trust Is Invalid?

January 24, 2022
This case should be required reading for any person who has an interest in an entity or a trust.
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Is Prince’s Estate Settled Yet?

January 21, 2022
The administrators of the late musician's estate recently settled a complicated dispute with the Internal Revenue Service over the value of Prince's assets. The precise value was undisclosed, however, although it could exceed $100 million.
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